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05 April 2021

WII-FM: What's In It - For ME?

About ten minutes before I left my hotel room for a presentation, I received a cold-call from a guy working for a company that prepares taxes for small and medium-sized businesses.  He was formal but totally inattentive.  He rushed right into his calling script.  

I could tell because he was reading it like it was a high-speed radio ad.  He talked on and on about his services without pausing for a breath (or a response from me). He rattled it off so fast that I knew he had done no research on me or what I did for a living…  

And he wanted to do my taxes!

Finally I told him nicely that I could not talk with him now. But...  before I said, "thank you" he hung up on me. That's a first!  I have been hung up on a few times (less than seven) in my sales calls but never hung up on by the person selling to me!  Has that ever happened to you?