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  • To Get Bigger, You Must Get Better To Get Bigger, You Must Get Better

    Saturday, 20 February 2021

    Truett Cathey, founder of mega fast food chain Chick-Fil-A held meetings with his top advisors and management. He noticed in one meeting they were discussing how the company could get bigger. Ideas were being tossed around and enthusiasm was very high. Their goal was to do whatever it took to make Chick-Fil-A bigger. Calmly, Truett spoke to them and said, “Don’t worry about getting bigger. If we get BETTER, our customers will make us bigger.”

    And they did just that by providing some of the best and fastest customer service in the fast food industry.

    To get bigger, you must get better… at everything, but particularly at what your main focus in business is. Mercedes Benz seized the luxury car market by campaigning on the safety of their cars. And statistics show that their automobiles were very safe. They attracted a high-dollar market of people who not only wanted to drive a very nice and expensive automobile, they wanted to stay alive and healthy doing it.

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