Always Have an Avid Fan Base

If you speak or write to hurting, struggling leaders (or people in general) you will never lack for an audience.  Human beings will always be carrying trouble and problems with them. Every sales person I meet says that they help hurting people. That is their motivation.  

The difficulty is that they almost never bother to find out how people are hurting. They don't diagnose the pain or problem. How can you help someone if you don't know what they need? 
And how can you call yourself a "problem solver" if you don't listen to people?

If you can find out where people are hurting and struggling and dedicate yourself to alleviating their pain, you will always have a willing listening fan base. The most popular speakers and preachers provide help to hurting people. They guide struggling leaders in overcoming the difficulties of business.
Help the hurting and struggling and you will have an avid following.
Do the Hustle!
And the Survey Says...

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