Are Person-to-Person Transactions Going Extinct?

At a recent gathering of credit union leaders, the topic of mobile and online banking was prominent. Most customers hated going into the branch to transact business, preferring to do it all remotely. The credit union has always based its business on people coming in to interact with tellers and managers.

The "walk-in routine" is slowly going away.

As technology improves, customers want to save time and become more educated in payment methods many traditional routines are going extinct.

This begs the question: What other extinctions have you seen take place that have all but eliminated person-to-person transactions?  Elevator operators, Gas station attendants (unless you live in Oregon or New Jersey), Telephone Directory Assistance operators, Rest room valets, and Paper boys... and many more.

I shop in grocery stores (like Kroger) and home improvement stores (like Home Depot) exclusively in the "Self Checkout" lanes all the time.  Now mobile apps and credit card-swiping attachments may eliminate cashiers altogether. Coupons can be downloaded and credit debits can be "swiped" on a smart phone.

More transactions are taking place quickly, easily and with fewer person-to-person interactions... With more changes are on the way!

The economy isn't down; it's different...  What changes have replaced person-to-person transactions that you have seen recently?

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