Health Care is People Care

Care Starts with You!

I had an appointment with a new dentist.  We checked with insurance and their finance office. Everything seemed to be in order and I received an email reminding me of the appointment.

That day, I arrived early to fill out the usual paperwork and was met with an unusual greeting.  "Sir, we have been trying to reach you.  Your insurance was never approved by our finance office.  The woman in charge went to lunch, so you will have to wait until she returns to determine if we can see you today." Turns out the receptionist had our telephone number written down wrong in her notes, but it was correct on my file. Somehow, she said it was our fault and I would have to wait.

Forty five minutes later the finance secretary casually returned from lunch and glanced at me as if I was an unwelcome guest.  Ten minutes later, I was ushered into my appointment without an apology or explanation.

If I knew a new client/patient was coming in for a set (and confirmed) appointment and I needed more information, I would have delayed "lunch " to help out both the patient and the receptionist.  I also would have instructed the staff to handle it courteously in my absence.... 

The greatest problem I have seen with medial practices is not insurance. It isn't doctors.  It isn't costs. It is rude office staff who forgot they are in the people care business.  Without people, there are no patients. Without people there are no nurses and doctors. Without people, there are no fees.  Without people, there are no finance secretaries or receptionists.

If you can't treat people in a healthy way, you shouldn't be associated with any form of health care.  Health is about attitude and positive treatment of patients.  It doesn't matter if you are having a bad day, you have to remember that your Number One job is treating people with care.

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