Deal Me In!

Most sales transactions are based on negotiations, but we don’t always realize it.  You can negotiate more than you realize if you apply simple skills and want the deal done on your terms.  Concentrate on the best deal and you will be more skillful in negotiating.

Most of the time if you use good skills in the right arena, it can be fun!  Trust me there is no better feeling than getting what you want for much less.  An effective negotiator can always find a way to save money.
I like going to Vegas to make deals more than to gamble.  You have a better chance of winning negotiations than winning games like Blackjack, Roulette or the slots.  You can win more in negotiating in that town than gambling where the odds favor the house.  Make it your house!  
The fun for me in watching Pawn Stars is the tactics they use in each transaction. The pawn brokers rarely lose negotiations.  I have watched the show for several years and been in the store several times.  The skills they use in negotiation are educational on both sales and service.  You can learn how to sell effectively… and how to buy much better.


 Every price is negotiable.


Negotiation in purchases is practiced in every corner of the world.  Recent changes in the economy are making it more popular in many regions.  It is a common practice in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America.  In the West we are accustomed to negotiation on the two largest purchases we make:  Our house and our automobile.  So why not negotiate some other purchases? 
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