Do-It-Yourself Like Home Depot!

"If you don't want us to do it for you, we can help you do it yourself!"  How can that be your new marketing mantra?

Innovative large moving companies are learning to help cost-conscious consumers with “Do-it-yourself” moves (previously unheard of in the full-service motor carrier industry). What if the major mover offered both full moving services AND additionally offered supplies and service to people who want to do the job themselves?

Just as Home Depot made “Do-it-yourself” hardware a household name, so the major carriers have gotten the idea of offering both full AND do-it-yourself assistance services in their industry. It allows the customers to feel more in charge of their move, but positions the major carrier as a trusted valuable resource.

They are also focusing locally and moving globally.  What can you do to create a way for people to be serviced that no one else in your industry would ever dare to do?

How can you help them do-it-themselves... and become their prime resource?

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