Are You "Shaming" Customers?

I spent a week traveling Missouri leading sales training for the broadcasters association. One of the questions I was asked after a program was, "How do you handle objections in sales?"

Good question and my answer was brief...

I don't. If they don't see my value and want to buy from me, I don't push the customer.  Why should I?  Have you ever purchased from anyone who shamed you by proving you wrong? Have you ever bought from someone who won the argument? Certainly not!

Likewise, have you ever sold anything to anyone by winning an argument. Sales trainers to tell you to give quick answers to objections are missing the point. I handle objections by learning from my mistakes and using that on the next customer. Simply move on the the next. While you could argue with someone's objections, whether they are valid or not, you could actually be selling to 3 or four other people who see your value and want to buy from you.

Stop shaming people to by from you and find people who value what you sell and who you are.

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