Do You Follow Through?

Sweat the Details!

The follow through in golf and baseball swings is just as important as the stance, the swing and contact. You have to do as much AFTER making contact as you do before! How do you complete the swing?

Ask your sales manager. Nothing frustrates them more than an account executive who goes through the monitors with prospects and clients. What do they do AFTER they make a contact?


Do your account executives just "get by" doing the following?
-Leave a flyer and leave.
-Leave the same message every time.
-Contact about once every two months
-Don’t have an active list of prospects.
-Don’t have more than at least 20 active potential closings.
-Have to be told to make continual calls.

Sales is work; not a free time to have lunch with clients, print useless flyers, make a call once a month to a prospect or goof off on company time. If you aren't inspiring your people, you are probably perspiring... the step before expiring!

What is Your "Leadership Posture Today?"
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