What is Your "Leadership Posture Today?"

Sweat the Details!

The world is recoiling from the COVID-19 “Coronavirus.” Businesses in every one of our communities have shut down in an effort to “flatten the curve” of the disease.  Millions of people are out of work and millions more are struggling with their businesses - not having the customers or workers they had just 6 weeks ago. The world has changed in the blink of an eye. 

“Leadership is never more necessary than in a crisis.”

But here’s where it actually gets GOOD… You have more control over your situation than you think.  I believe that YOU are poised to take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime! When we come out of this circumstance, the leaders who have a plan for rebuilding people’s lives and local businesses will be the ones who deliver value and credibility to their members. We are facing a NEW NORMAL. Those who prepare now for the future once this crisis passes (and you know it will), will have to repair less in the years ahead. You are in a better position to put your business and your community back “Open for Business” more than anyone else!

You can you encourage (GIVE COURAGE TO) your team, your followers, your family, those without hope that they are not alone. I’m in this with you. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But I saw a grumpy cat meme that said, “If life doesn’t give you water and sugar, your lemonade will suck!” I want to add value to your lemonade. We are all in this together and so is everyone in every home, every business, every state and now, every country in the world. In many ways, this experience will bring us all together globally as humanity struggles with the same challenges. We can all gain from this isolated time (one way or another) and come out on the other side better for the experience. Remember, this crisis will not be permanent… this too shall pass.

Give people EASE, give them GUIDANCE, give them TRACTION, give them HOPE… and as always, add VALUE to people where they are!

Preparing for the future today prevents repairing tomorrow!

What is your posture in this? While the world is huddling in fear or hesitation, leaders are standing up and poised to take what control of their situations and circumstances. We have never needed people to lead in my lifetime. You and I were born for this moment.

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