Fight for Your Team!

When is the last time you stood up for a team member? And I mean went the extra mile, where you had something to lose if it didn't work out? How many times have you been thrown “under the bus” by a supervisor?

It didn’t feel good, did it? I had a boss one time that was afraid to ask the finance committee for an annual raise for his staff, but wouldn’t allow us to go to the committee and ask for ourselves either. He lost staff trust, loyalty and eventually his job. Finally, even the committee didn't trust in his leadership.  His staff had already given up on him.

When you don't stand up for them, you lose their trust in you. Instead, try to identify something you should have gone the distance for recently.

Get out there and fight! Get her that raise she deserves! Go fight for him to get that cool new project he has put his life and time into! Give them credit for work accomplished…and I mean real credit; something they want and deserve.

Fight for them and they will fight for you and your success.

Selling For You Should Be Easy!
Trigger Change In Others

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