Five Ways to Increase Your Value, Part 1

How can you increase value and sales in a turbulent and unpredictable economy?

1. Find the right audience.   Who would buy what you sell in the first place?  Most new sales account executives have no idea how to find a following of people who want what they sell.  They exhaust their resources in a matter of days, because they don’t know how to “prospect” for people who already like or want what they have to offer.  Sure, you will sell to people who don’t start out wanting what you have, but you can sell far more to people who already do.  So how do you find them?

Go to your frequent buyers.  Seek out the people who spend the MOST money on your product and services.  We all know this: 

The best clients to sell are existing happy clients.


People who already spend money on you will tell other people about you.  The easiest form of marketing is Word of Mouth.  It is also the least expensive.  So it makes sense to put your efforts into your most effective method. 

Use the 3R’s (Referrals, recommendations and reviews).   Get your frequent loyal following to work for you.  It helps to find out who already likes what you sell and then find more people just like them.  Go to the location or demographic you are already popular with and seek more of them.

Five Ways to Increase Your Value, Part 2
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