Five Ways to Increase Your Value, Part 2

How can you increase value and sales in a turbulent and unpredictable economy?

2.  Market the results, not the process. Most people don’t care how your product or service will help them or solve their problem; they just want it solved. They don’t need to hear the process.  They need the help they come to you seeking.

My stepson works for Home Depot.  I learned while he was training in their customer service program that Home Depot doesn’t sell drill bits; they sell holes.  Most people who buy an individual tool or piece of hardware want the results that the purchase will give them.  They may want help with how to do it, but trust me they want results from the product.  Home Depot sells the results people want.

How are your sales bogged down in describing more information than buyers want?  Have you heard the acronym, “TMI?”  Is TMI running your sales script?

Too much information will ruin your marketing and sales.

Let people envision life as a result of what you offer, then they will be more likely to spend money on it.  “Imagine you riding in your new convertible with the top down on a warm sunny day,” sounds a lot better than showing the person how the roof goes up and down.

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