Five Ways to Increase Your Value, Part 4

How can you increase value and sales in a turbulent and unpredictable economy?

4.   Move on!  The first week I started cold-calling a woman named Victoria was rude and hung up on me in a matter of seconds.  It made me angry.  I knew how to put her in her place.  But as I picked up my phone to call her back and royally chew her out a thought occurred to me: I still won’t be able to sell to her if I win the argument.  It won’t make me feel better to get in the last word and still not make money. 

Then I thought, “I could be calling at least three other people who aren’t rude and might buy from me instead of wasting time on someone who won’t buy from me… not matter what I say or do.”  It was an eye-opening moment for me an changed my sales forever.

So I called more people.  I signed my first client that week by not wasting time on people who don’t want to buy from me.  So I no longer argue with people. I don’t try to get in the last word, or make the client see the “errors of their ways.” 

I have never sold anything to anyone I won an argument with, and 
I’ve never bought from anyone who won an argument with me.

Some sales managers will not like what I am about to say, but if you are spending most of your time proving your (or your product’s) value to people who don’t see it, you have a bigger problem than just handling objections.  I don’t “handle” objections; I move on… and so should you.  You may not win the arguments, but you will sell to people who will be loyal to you and your product.

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