Fix It!

If you have to educate most customers how to jump through the hoops to buy from you… Fix it!  

A room of sales account executives were asked about the biggest complaint they got from customers.  The unanimous answer was, “Billing.”  They each said the follow up from the company was difficult and not easy for customers.  One lady said her customer told her, “Your billing process is confusing.  If I had known how difficult it would be to pay, I would have never bought from you. I wish you had warned me of your process.”

Stop doing it the same broken way and FIX IT!

I know that’s the way you’ve always done it.  Doing it that way may not work in today’s economy.  Doing it that way may satisfy some other department or your manager, but if you fix the #1 problem customers have in buying from you, the income you generate will more than make up for the time and effort in fixing the problem.  I have only met one or two managers who care more about the policy or process than increased sales and positive remarks from very satisfied customers.

Maybe people don’t like buying from you because it is too hard, too lengthy or too much trouble for them.  What can you do to simplify life for your customers?  Streamlining the process will always increase sales.

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Is it Hard to Buy from You?

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