How Your Public Sector Can Learn from Private Enterprise (I)

Why can’t a government organization be profitable like a private enterprise... or at least break even?

1. Governmental organizations can streamline services using the internet.

Recently I had a medical procedure.  The doctor’s office gave me the option of showing up 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment to fill out paperwork, OR filling it all out online in about 20 minutes prior to the appointment so I could show up on time.  I chose the online alternative, was taken back to the prep room immediately and got home an hour ahead of my schedule.  The staff told me at each point that they already had everything they needed and it sped up the whole process.  I was back to my daily routine in a shorter time! 

Then I had to pay a city water bill….  Their system is online, but not available for anyone to access except the municipal employees.  There was a room filled with frustrated (and angry) individuals attempting to simply pay bills.  Most of these people pay every other bill they have (electricity, credit cards, health insurance, mortgage/rent and auto insurance) online.  What can you do to seize the movement of internet service to convenience both your citizens and your employees?

People respond best to simplicity and ease.

Customers will cooperate without complaining as much if your process is simple, easier and faster. Airlines have made checking in for a flight easier by enabling text messages to smartphones.  Even the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has information stored and processed to expedite security at airports nationwide in the US.  Clear (the private business that makes going through security at airports like a valet parking experience) is being reborn.  For a fee, you can be escorted through security and treated with courtesy.

How can you beat the regulations and streamline services that everyone has to do with your institution?

How Your Public Sector Can Learn from Private Ente...
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