How Your Public Sector Can Learn from Private Enterprise (III)

Why can’t a government organization be profitable like a private enterprise... or at least break even?

3.  Governmental organizations can increase their perception by public service training.  Remember, when you speak to one individual with a private company, you take their attitude as the attitude of the entire organization. 

Southwest Airlines is known for delivering some of the best customer service in the airlines industry.  People like to fly this airline because the flights are cheaper AND they are entertaining.  Although Southwest doesn’t have assigned seating and people are herded on and off each plane like cattle, they make the experience fun.  They even ask passengers to assist in cleaning up the plane before they leave for the sake of the next passengers who will fly. 

Last month, a man was treated rudely by a Southwest gate agent. He tweeted about it.  The gate agent boarded the plane and demanded that the angry customer delete his message, or leave the plane.  The man chose to leave and complained to practically everyone by going back online.  He then blamed the entire company for the behavior of one individual employee.  Southwest immediately apologized to him and made an offer to compensate for the rude gate agent’s behavior.

Successful companies train their associates in delivering better service.  Not just because poor service would run customers to the competition, but because…

Great attitudes beget great service!

No, you don’t have competition, unless people move to another location.  But maybe the reason people are angry at your staff is because the employees are treating people like they have no choice but to comply. 

If you want a smoother operation in your public office, train your people how to handle unexpected circumstances, special needs and angry customers.  No wonder everyone at the Department of Motor Vehicles is in a bad mood.  The public waits for hours and is met with employees who have had all they can take of angry, frustrated people.  It has become a vicious circle that repeats itself hourly, daily and monthly.

*What if governmental institutions became known for efficiency, ease and service to the public?

How can you involve creative people in solutions more?  When was the last time you trained your employees and staff to respond to special, frustrated and angry “customers?”  

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How Your Public Sector Can Learn from Private Ente...

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