Is Anyone Listening?

Advertisements flood the media. You can't open a video online without being forced to watch an ad for something you really don't want. My Facebook page not only has them on the side, but now interfering with my timeline. Either location they are annoying...

No one really likes the interruptions and I don't believe they sell very well. Just like almost no one who attends the "Capital One Bowl Game" takes out a credit card with the sponsor.

The key to marketing is finding an audience who want what you have and are willing to listen, right? Wrong! You need to ask people what they want that you can provide and listen to them...

Most successful service and sales are the result of great listening. People don't want Superman or Wonder Woman to "save the day." They want "Columbo" to ask them questions and solve their problems. Your best pitch should be great questions that apply directly to the people you reach out to. Then answer them, or even better... ask better questions. Most people like talking about themselves.

Let them. Then, help them.

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