Is it Hard to Buy from You?

Is your website buyer friendly?  We live in a one or two click world.  Your competitors know that eager buyers don’t want to go through a lot of trouble to purchase.  That is why they make buying easy.

EBay members know that buying is simple if you already have a PayPal account.  It is a matter of two or three clicks and your product is on its way to you.

Not so with many companies, though.  I am convinced that no airline president has never purchased a ticket to fly using either the website, mobile app or calling a representative.  If he did, he would have changed the process a looooonnnng time ago!

Go on your website after you read this and try to buy something from your company.  How long does it take?  How may clicks and personal information do you have to fill out just to buy?  Most CEOs and Presidents have never tried to buy from their own sites. 

Fix It!
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