Is Your Health Care Practice Operating Healthy?

Doctors and Medical Group Managers: If most patients can fill out the timely medical information that once plagued office visits, maybe you should allow them to go online in advance and enter their medical details on a website that they may update at any time. Maybe you are behind the times and your patients are well ahead of you.

They want to complain but the staff treats them like you are doing a favor just to get in to see you.  And with limited time, you can't hear their complaints.  That doesn't mean everything is fine out in the waiting room or at the front desk...

Believe me, I know there are practices out there doing this and they will take your business away.  I have seen several doctors in the past two years and the seem unaware of their office staff's lack of manners, courtesy and service to the most valuable people in your practice: Your patients.

Your office staff policies and attitude is either attracting or driving their patient business away.

You Can Beat A Price; Not Great VALUE!
Do-It-Yourself Like Home Depot!

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