Morning Coffee on the Plaza

Last month we stayed at the La Fonda on the Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This is a renovated hotel with every amenity you can imagine.  I was presenting the keynote for the New Mexico Hospitality Association  Governor's Conference.  

Several of the hotel staff members and executive leadership attended the conference.

During the morning presentation I mentioned that Laura and I love to start our day with McDonald's coffee.  It's our daily tradition to go out and get a cup each.  It was part of a story about customer service in the drive up lane.  But the nearest McDonald's was several miles from the plaza in Santa Fe, so I just drank the coffee provided by the hotel.

To our surprise, a young man knocked on our door the next morning and handed me two hot cups of McDonald's coffee!  "I heard you say you and your wife love to have a hot cup every morning.  I hope you have a great day!" And then he went about his day.

Wow!  I couldn't believe this selfless act of generosity and service.  The coffee was great and we wrote his manager about the wonderful service he provided at his own expense.  She wrote me back that he has a great future on their team.  I have no doubt.

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