Running Yourself OUT of Business

What do you fear MOST that someone will do to steal your customers and clients away?  In what ways are you avoiding serving people that makes you vulnerable to an attack from a competitor?

What if you could run yourself out of the traditional business you have been in and reinvent it?   You would get a jump ahead of your competition and beat them to the punch.

Airtran Airlines did just that. In 2009 they conducted a public survey to find out what their passengers wanted most in service.  The resounding answer was WIFI on all flights.  So Airtran (now Southwest Airlines) gave them what they wanted.  It changed passenger flying experiences forever. I fly Delta most of the time and I watched as they incorporated WIFI on more and more flights.

Now, most of Delta’s standard-sized fleet has the service. It is now expected by most customers.  Just the same as McDonalds, Holiday Inn, your auto dealer service waiting area, Barnes and Noble, etc.  

What if you started serving customers the way you fear a competitor will?

Deal Me In!
Jumping the Shark

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