Selling For You Should Be Easy!

Most sales managers got their jobs because they were top sellers at one time. They were the sharpshooters; the marksmen/women. Now they are in command of a group of sales people with different selling styles, personality styles and motivational styles. Now they have become simple targets.

Although they already know how to sell in their own style, they have never been taught how to manage people who don’t work in or respond to their own style of personal selling. They are strong on SALES, but untrained in MANAGEMENT. The HR Department should either bring in trainers or sales managers who know how to manage different people, or spend time training the people you promote to the supervisory position in management!

A balanced sales team is made up of different gifts, skills, styles and techniques. Everyone responds to each system differently, like FISH, SALESFORCE, INSIDESALES, SANDLER, etc.  You can put seven top sales professionals from the same corporation in a room and find that you have seven different successful methods for producing successful sales.  No two are identical. Just as no one responds successfully to your latest method.

Learn as you learned and pass your encouragement along to help others succeed in the best way THEY can, not just how you succeeded. You will find that there are many ways to “skin a cat.” Because all cats come in various shapes, sizes, colors, genders, attitudes and motivated styles.

Buying from you should be easy… So should selling for you!

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