The Value of Bundling

Bundling is a great way to increase your value to customers/clients.

How many people do you know that have their automobile insurance with the same company that writes their homeowners insurance? Why? The agency offered them a bundled service that increased the value of spending more with them than sharing the cost of individual separate policies.

The same is true for your business as well. I know an assisted living community that offers a bundled price for people who want transportation to various local stores and doctor’s offices. By offering a bundled (higher) price, they gained more business.

My satellite television provider offers bundled packages for high-speed internet, telephone service and higher tiered television selection options. Disney offers bundled packages for people staying more than just one day (including resort stays and extra perks).

What can you bundle to increase the value of what you do for people? Even if it is personal customer service, it can become a value that you can monetize.

You Won't Grow Up Until You Mess Up

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