There is No "Secret" to Life!

Everyone knows that you have to do more than just THINK your way to success…You have to ACT on it believing it will happen. I know people who harbor negative emotions and can’t understand why they result in one traumatic episode after another.

Someone once said, "All the so-called secrets of success' do not work unless you do."  There was a book out several years ago called “The Secret.”  It basically says that if you think positive thoughts and focus your mind on the results you want, you will be successful in life and business. I don’t disagree with the power of positive thinking… I disagree that this is some mystical secret.

The influence of a positive attitude is no secret.

It is a proven fact that positive people attract positive results and more positive people. This thinking has been around for centuries… not as a secret. But you can’t wish for a positive life. You have to act on it. Even sacred scriptures say that you have to put actions to your thoughts. Listen to people like best-selling author Joel Osteen and you will learn that you have to act on your thoughts; not just wish them into existence.

Take your greatest dream and take a step toward making it happen today.

You Can't Motivate Another Person
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