Traveling? You HAVE to Do This!

We buy the results (or the value) of a product; not the product itself.  We buy the delivered action; not the service.  Customers don’t buy your products or services; they buy the value they see in them for themselves.  When we call a hotel, we don’t buy the bed, we buy the location. When we buy an airline seat, we are buying the delivery, the comfort and the convenience they sell with it ...or not! A meal isn't the food; it's the experience of eating it, etc.

I mean, what <em>really</em> separates one bed and breakfast from another in the same locality? It's the experience of the customers and the items to do while there that make the difference.

This is why reinvented reservations clerks and smart managers are selling the destination instead of the bed or creature comforts.  Leading travel and hospitality executives are coming up with lists of things to <strong>do</strong> when they book a trip or vacation stay.

They say, “When you go to __________________ you HAVE to do 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 while you are there.” It becomes your personal bucket list for the trip.  So the bed; the airline seat; the meals and even the rental car have become the <strong>delivery</strong> of the destination, rather than the end in itself.  The value of the product has just increased exponentially!

What do your customers <strong>value</strong> that they will pay even MORE for when they get there? It isn't what you do as much as it's the WAY you deliver it!

Ask them what they want to experience first; then sell that value to all the everyone who wants or needs that.

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