Trigger Change In Others

Triggers get people to stop thinking the way they always have and create new patterns of actions. That is all they are. Each trigger is designed to make you think differently than you were thinking when you started reading this article. They are designed to infiltrate your comfort zone and make you “itch.”

Great stories and great sales pitches make you uncomfortable enough that they stick with you long after you hear them. That is what a good trigger does. For instance...

I started taking physical therapy for recovery from recent surgery. The therapist came in cheerfully and after an initial evaluation, she declared, “I am going to give you some triggers to help you get better.”

“Do you understand what I mean when I say ‘triggers?’” she asked.

The triggers she suggested worked because she got me thinking about my situation and recovery different. She got me to perform exercises I wouldn’t have been able to relate to without the examples that “triggered” a positive response in my understanding.

What gets your customers, clients, prospects, members or employees thinking different about your situation or problems? What can you do to trigger a different response in different people? That is just one of your triggers. You can use more…The more you use, the more they will reach.

Just like GEICO uses several different triggers to create a response in their customers (remember the cavemen, the lizard and the “president” of the company talking in commercials? Those were all running concurrently for the same company). With one message: “Fifteen minutes can save you money!”

Remember, not everyone relates to every trigger you utilize. Use as many as you can to get the point across to the people who respond best.

What can you do that triggers the most response from your target audience?

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