Voice Mail Reinvention

My friend Mike is in sales for an international company. He makes phone calls to clients every day to sell a magazine that helps his clients make more money. Last year Mike decided to use a more proactive voice mail message than the traditional: “Hi, I am not in right now. Please wait for the beep and leave a short message. I will return your call shortly.”

Yeah, that is pretty lame.  And the same as everybody else...

In a day when people know you aren’t in (They got your voice mail instead of you) and they know what to do after the beep (Duh! They have a beep of their own on their phone) and everyone else sounds the same, Mike wanted to stand out from the crowd. Soooo, he reinvented his voice mail.

He figured that he should give value that no one else gave. He figured he should tell his clients something unique that might benefit them. He figured right...

Mike changed his voice mail to: “Hi, this is Mike. I'm helping a client make a LOT of money right now. Leave your name, number and a brief message and we’ll help you make money NEXT!” Wow! It must have been effective. His clients loved the message. Even other sales reps in his company started calling just to hear it. His sales improved!  Proving that there is power in being <strong>next</strong>!

Apparently his customers, clients and even his competition were watching him… and listening too. What are you saying that makes you stand out from the vanilla crowd? While everyone else is doing the “same old, same old,” what are you doing to be different? Someone will be listening the day you do! And they will be watching to see what difference you make.

Your Actions Are "Telling"...
You Can Beat A Price; Not Great VALUE!

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