What is "EBaying" You?


EBay has changed the way we shop online for both new and used items.  They are bigger than the neighborhood yard sale, appliance, electronic or sporting goods store.  It’s a movement that is trending more all the time.

Green Monday is the newest concept in online marketing.  Coined by the online retailer EBay it is the second Monday in December.  When customers are encouraged to shop online and save fuel money – also because of all the money EBay was making as a result of the campaign.

Prepare for more online shopping days...

I bought at least half of my Christmas list online this past year using sites like EBay and Amazon – many from local businesses!  All were brand new items that came from reputable vendors.  No one took my money without giving me a quality item that was worth what I paid.  And they were delivered to me in plenty of time to beat the last minute rush.

No fighting the traffic; no waking up early (or staying up late in cold weather); no hassles.  Almost all of my shopping was done from the comfort of my own home and office. The new methods of delivery have changed shopping for ever.

The internet has changed the way we buy, sell, service and deliver the same products we did yesterday.  It allows me to load-up my Starbuck’s card and allows my wife to buy unique personalized gifts from her laptop.  EBay and other online retailers are putting a heavy burden on companies who deal in traditional “walk out the door” sales.  They have reinvented the “door.”

More Questions:

·       What is "streaming" in your business or industry?

·      How are other people delivering better than you? 

·     Where do you need to make adjustments to stay in business in the next two years (so you won't be OUT of business)?

Caution:  Don’t make changes just to be different from everyone else.  Make adjustments to serve, sell, produce and deliver better from everyone – including yourself.

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