What is the Soup of the Day?

Learn to tell the difference between the Soup of the Day and lasting trends. The Soup of the Day is good for just what it say: only one day. Then is thrown out the next day in favor of the next one. What are you?

Is your product or service the current trend? Will it last the test of time? What can you do to make a lasting impression on people and stay in the mainstream? Like Apple, motorcycles, Chick-Fil-A, shampoo, Chinese takeout, etc.

What are you doing that will last?
-Mangos, strawberry flavored is the preference in flavoring; lemon was in the past.
-Toys of the Season.: remember the Furbie,,Tickle Me Elmo, Razor Scooters?
-The preferred manufacturing programs used to be: Lean, Fish, Salesforce, Six Sigma, P1, etc.
-Remember books on these topics in the past? Paradigm shift, Passion for Excellence, 7 Habits, Good to Great, Freakonomics, Outliers?
-Remember Gateway, Dell, Fujitsu, Sony are trendy. Today it is Toshiba, HP aand Apple that are lasting.
-Remember the Palm Pilot?

Which are you?

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