Where is Your Line Forming?

My wife and I were hungry following a meeting.  It was 8:30 and we felt like a snack meal.  We have never eaten at the local Chick-fil-a because it is always too crowded during the day.  So we went by there, thinking we could drive through and get a quick meal to take home. When we drove up, the Chick-fil-a line was all around the building.  

At the same tim there was NO line at McDonalds or KFC.
People will line up when they are treated great!
Delta Airlines Skymiles program is now solely based on money spent....like an incumbent running for re-election! 

Where else can you fly from Orlando to Green Bay (4,545 miles credit) and accrue more Skymiles than Orlando to Anchorage (3,816 miles credit)? The Anchorage flight cost was cheaper, so Delta credits fewer miles figuratively travelled for that one.

New slogan for Delta: "Join our Skybucks Program: We take MORE, and give you LESS!"

Again, it's the way you treat your customers that will determine who remains competitive! No wonder the Delta line was short at the airport today..... While the Southwest line was backed up out the door.

It proves that people will line up when they see a value in being treated great!
How is Your Treatment?
Are You Doing Your Job?

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