Your Dinosaur Question


I admired Steve Jobs because he seemed to never settle for enough. There was always an improvement coming our way when Steve was around. The iPhone was followed by the iPhone 2, then 3, then 4..... and now 7 and we have come to expect an iPhone 8 next year, If Steve were still around, we would expect an iPhone 10s at some point in the future.

Someone asked me about a year ago, “What will you do when the recession stabilizes and a ‘boom’ starts?” thinking I was a one-trick pony. My answer was, “I will reinvent myself again.” I don’t think you need to reinvent yourself once every two years. I think you need to constantly re-think, realign and re-assess your process or you will be EXTINCT in two years.

Imagine a group of dinosaurs about 50 million years ago who see a meteor heading toward the Earth.  Most will say, “We need to find out how to end this crisis and make the meteor go away.”  It won’t.

The bright ones will say, we better adjust to life “Post-meteor.”  Possible.  Cockroaches and fish seemed to do it.  I would rather be a lowly cockroach and survive the meteor, than a dinosaur and try to fight a losing battle.

Is the place where your service and product is “enough” already?  Can you continually tweak, improve and re-asses its value to consumers?

The meteor is either coming, or it’s already here.  The economy won’t ever be what it was pre-meteor (pre-Recession).  It will be, and already is different.

How are you adjusting to your “enough?”

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