Who Are YOU Listening To?

If you listen to your own reviews you will probably be listening to some false information.  I am not against self-confidence. I am against over confidence to the point where somebody feels invincible. 

No one is too big to fail.  Not a politician (Richard Nixon), not a municipality (Detroit), not a corporation (Circuit City), not a health care system (Allegheny Health), not an airline (TWA), not a bank (Washington Mutual), not a broadcasting corporation (RCA)…. All were “Too big to fail.” But they managed to overcome the odds and failed due to a lack of good guidance and listening to bad advice.

Where do you get your information and advice?  Never trust a doctor who is overweight.  Never work with a financial advisor who is broke. Never employ a coach who works in their jammies with no professional credentials. 

Who are you listening to? Are you listening to your top customers and clients (the people who spend the most money on you)?  Are you engaging them in how you can better meet their changing needs?  Or are you doing it the way you have always done it and believing that lie is your reality? If you do it will show up in your results. If your results aren’t what they were previously perhaps it is time to review the information you believe and the strategy you use. 

Change your strategy; change your results.

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