Who Are You Serving?


How do people feel punished for doing business with you?  I have referred before to the McDonald’s practice of making you park in their “waiting zone” to satisfy their internal timer at the drive-up window.  The McDonald’s near my house gives bonus coupons for having to wait. They go beyond the policy manual and corporate restraints.

A pickup truck in front of me the other morning had two dogs in the back of the extended cab.  The McDonald’s employee was giving them doggy treats!  When I asked about it, she told me that the driver is a regular customer.  The dogs acted angry toward her whenever he drove through the pickup window at first.  She started stocking treats to win the two dogs over.  It worked and now she looks forward to the man’s visit every morning.  So do the dogs!

                                         No punishments; just perks!

Is this in McDonald’s “Policy Manual?”  Are the employees required to bring in dog treats?  Have they posted a “No Dogs in the Drive Up Lane” sign?  Are managers required to give out coupons to win over inconvenienced customers?  They have seized the opportunity to make their store (and the company) look great to their customers.  

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