Who Is the Influencer?

When you make a sales call on a corporation or organization, always speak with the person who has the most influence - not the purchasing agent or HR director or Executive Vice President. If the person you are talking with has to ask "Mommy or Daddy“ for the money, you need to get close to Mommy and Daddy.

When you attend a convention or networking event, find out who the influencers or power brokers are... the people with the most influence. Don't go by their outward appearance. They don't dress to impress (David Zuckerberg wears hoodies to work everyday). Warren Buffett drives a Toyota Camry. They may not always the best dressed people in the room, but you will notice...

1. They are self-confident.

2. Others are attracted to them... they aren't loners.

3. They avoid negative talk and gossip about others.

4. They are unassuming and know how to blend in to the environment around them.

5. They aren't trying to prove themselves (or how smart they are).

6. They are genuine and respect authenticity in others.

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