Your Number One Job in Leadership...

Most leaders micro-manage employs and rarely put into action the words they speak.  Your staff can tell if you live by your words. The closer you manage them, the more they can observe your actions in context.

Your Number One job in leadership is to work yourself OUT of a job!

If you aren’t doing this, you are holding the reigns on your people and sucking all the life and credit out of them. You are also working yourself into an early grave.

There are two types of organizational flow charts... one flows down (supervisory) and one flows up (empowerment). One has authority going down to responsibility, the other has authority flowing up from responsibility.

As a leader, I am responsible to enable your success in the best way you can do a task. If I’m there to take and receive all the credit, then your purpose is to make me look good. But if my job is to hand you authority and enable you to excellence, then you get the credit.

“Truth is when the word and the action or deed become one.” -Nancy Missler
Have you ever heard the expression, “Your actions speak so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying”? Do your actions match your words? Is your word your bond? Do people follow your leadership because you tell them to, or because they are imported by what you do for them and others as a leader?

Are you supervising your people; or enabling/empowering them to take authority and do the job?

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