You Can Beat A Price; Not Great VALUE!

Last month I met a smart moving company president with an eye for the competitive edge.  She says that she knows there is stiff competition in the market for moving services.  A lot of companies are fly-by-night upstarts that can beat her on pricing. 

In fact, some of her competition was seated at the next table at the dinner we were attending.  She said that if she delivers unparalleled amazement (value) to customers, they come back over and over again. She never says, “The movers, estimators or packers will be at your house or business.”

Instead she tells customers that “the gentlemen will be at your house tomorrow.” Describing them as “gentlemen” puts her in a unique position to deliver premium services…. And charge accordingly.  She demonstrates the value in the workers and in the company as a professional service. You can beat her on her price, but people pay for the amazing value she has established.

Consumer advocate Clark Howard says that someone will always find a cheaper way to deliver your product or service.  But if you can make the experience of doing business with you, they will flock to your door, portal or internet site. So find a way to charge (and charge MORE) for the experience you produce.

Yes, most people will pay MORE if you amaze them...  You can be beat on price, but not on your value!

How can you amaze people with the value that only you can deliver... and beat your competition instead?

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