You Can't Manage Time

Most people have a problem with their priorities and blame...

I taught time management for years and learned a valuable lesson from that experience. Time cannot be “managed.” You don’t manage time; you manage yourself. You have as much time in a day as I do or anyone else does. What you do with the time you have and where you spend it is your choice. It is not to be managed, but savored with every bite.

Most people have a problem with their priorities and blame poor time management.


Timothy Ferris, author and speaker, said, “Most of my readers think I am obsessed with time management but they haven’t seen the other – much more legitimate, much more extreme – obsession. I’ve recorded almost every workout I’ve done since age 18…” Ferris is known for being a time management guru, but he manages himself – not time.


When I led time management programs, I found that most people who asked me to lead them agreed that the seminars were very helpful… but went back to practicing the bad habits they had prior to the sessions… I guess they weren’t “motivated!” LOL!


Stop attempting to manage your time and take control of the way you spend it. If you are out of time, you probably prioritize poorly.


Life and experience have taught me there are some things I just can’t do. I wish someone had taught me some of them early on… but I probably would have had to go out and learn them through mistakes. Like my great-grandmother said, “Bought wisdom is more valuable than taught wisdom.”


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