Your Actions Are "Telling"...

I heard Dr. Bill Hybels say, "the speed of the leader will determine the speed of the team." I can add that the altitude of the leader determines the altitude of his or her team, too. Do you show confidence to those (even when you are uncertain)?

In gambling a “tell” is the unspoken signals you give through body language, nervous actions and habits when you are in specific situations. In the movie Maverick, Mel Gibson spends his time in poker games watching the way others play their game. He observes the unspoken signals of hand gestures, facial expressions and sounds to determine the bettor’s habitual actions. Then he jumps in each time and takes advantage of what he has learned through simply watching others.

How do you “tell” your uncertainty as you look around for someone who is better versed in these manners?

At a banquet last month, one CEO noted that as he observed his dinner companions, most looked at others for cues on how to behave and act. He complimented those at the table who looked like it “wasn’t the first time they had a nice dinner.” The lesson stuck. Someone was watching the attendees with an eye on future promotion. Their behavior, manners and uncertainty was their “tell.”

People are watching and observing you all the time. The legendary football coach Vince Lombardi (whom the Super Bowl trophy is name for) repeatedly told his players not to taunt their opponents or overtly celebrate in the end zone when they scored a touchdown. He said, “Act like you’ve been there before.”

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