Reinvention Made Easy



You Will Discover:
  • When to reinvent yourself
  • 3 actions everyone must take when they hit “The Wall”
  • 10 key qualities that reinvention strategists possess
  • What you can learn from people like Lady Gaga about reinvention
  • Reinvention strategies for your culture, your sales, your brand and more...
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  • Very helpful!· This program has provided insight that will help me to better understand and interact with the people around me.
    Kristin Freestate, American Red Cross

  • A motivating speech!
    John Flint, President, Factory Systems, LLC

  • You are the best newsletter I get (or have gotten), ever!!
    Rivers Fennell, Columbia, SC

  • Jim's talk about making the best of failure was particularly inspiring in a time when so many technology companies are struggling.
    Neil McLean, Sagacious Partners, LLC

  • I was at the conference in Myrtle Beach and thoroughly enjoyed your class.
    Kay Golden, South Carolina Human Service Provider

  • Thank you for being a part of our convention.· You added humor to a great message!
    Donna Phipps, Wyoming convention participant

  • Jim's presentation was outstanding, very energetic! He did an amazing job of keeping everyone engaged and focused on the topic at hand.
    Lisa Brown, Colorado Restaurant Association

  • Great Presentation! Excellent Speaker!
    Allen Hester, SCAMA, Hickory, North Carolina

  • Jim: Thanks for participating in our conference. We had some great comments this year. You did a great job. I do have some other ideas for you...
    Amy Davis, Mississippi Bankers Association

  • Thank you for participating as an educational speaker for our KAHCF Spring Training.
    Angela Porter, Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities

  • Your presentation to the Florida City Clerks Association scored a 4.89 out of a possible 5.
    Angie Ayers, Florida Municipal Clerks Association

  • This presentation made me realize that no goal is unattainable.
    Ashley Stewart, United Bank of West Virginia

  • Excellent presentation, to the point and useful!
    Barbara Anthony, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs

  • The SC Credit Union League appreciates your professionalism and the delivery of your topic...Your session scored an 8.89 out of a possible 10.
    Barbara Lehew, SC Credit Union League

  • Banks and all businesses should hear this dynamic speaker that focuses on the successes that customer service can bring when genuinely practiced. No bank is exempt from this dynamic seminar and the importance of customer service
    Barry Lupton, Marketing Director, Highland Bankshares, Wardensville WV

  • Recognizing the styles of my co-workers will help in managing the office.
    Bernice Dixon, Connecticut Town Clerks Association

  • Attitude is everything.
    Bill Brown, Colonial Supplemental Insurance Territorial Manager, San Diego, CA

  • I had both old-timers and rookies come to me during and after the Conference, and thank me for scheduling you to speak to the OAB. Jim, 'Thank you!' You made me look like a genius for hiring you, and every meeting planner needs that once in a while.
    Bill Johnstone, Portland, OR

  • You delivered on our Alabama Loggers Council program.
    Bill Jones, Alabama Loggers Council, Alabama Forestry Association

  • This class made me more conscious of the importance of knowing each person on my team and working to value their differences and strengths.
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield DiSC Team Work participant

  • Jim did two topics for us Living in Three Quarter Time and Reaching Beyond Excellence - and he did a great job on both!
    Cary Dingman, Idaho Bankers Association

  • As the session cranked up into full gear yesterday it was fun to observe everyone in attendance openly engaging their own personal traits, sharing them and seeking to understand others as well.
    Cary Smith, Director, United Way

  • I have known Jim Mathis for over 6 years...He is motivating, stimulating and thought provoking, yet down-to-earth and practical.
    Cathy Novinger, Novinger QTR Consulting, Inc.

  • As a result of Jim's program, I will try to understand personalities better and work with them to make a more friendly work environment.
    Cheri Schwartzmier, Pittsburgh, PA

  • I have been using your techniques from the training that I received in your class a few weeks ago...
    Cherita Gardin, NewSouth Communications

  • I need to get out of the cookie-cutter mold.
    Cheryl Rhead, Bank Iowa

  • I greatly value the information that you provided and I was going to keep it quiet (as my secret weapon in managing my people and resolving conflict).
    Christopher Porter, FOH Manager, Outback Steakhouse Inc.

  • I went into your session intending to learn something (and did), you had the best presentation of material of any I attended.
    Chuck Woodard, WVOKFM, Alabama Broadcasters Association

  • Jim's presentation was very motivational and informative. I will have a positive attitude decide what results I want and set goals and priorities accordingly.
    Cindy Gillaspie, Lyon College, Arkansas Independent Colleges and Schools

  • Made me realize, instead of fixing the employees, I need to fix myself.
    Cindy Sisler, LifeLine Home Health, Lexington, KY

  • Jim was very considerate when I first inquired about him being a speaker at our conference and quickly adapted his program to fit our unusual circumstances in the aftermath of Hurricances Katrina and Rita.
    Cindy Tullier, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

  • As a result of this seminar, I know better how to work well with others.
    Clift Shealey, Columbia, SC, Team Dimensions participant

  • The presentation renewed my vision for myself in the workplace - be true to my style and succeed.
    Colleen Matthews, Trilogy Health Care Group, Indiana Health Care Association

  • The best in-depth look into who we are.
    Connie Caldwell, US Dep't. of Justice, Charleston, WV, DiSC Teamwork participant

  • I want to thank you for the phenomenal job you did at the Marketing session during the NJCUL Conference. You truly motivated me and gave me great ideas for helping our credit union to market our services better. Your information was clear and concise. The attendee participation that you encouraged made for a good and educational time in this session.
    Cynthia Weaver, Atlantic City, NJ

  • You were an incredible hit and an inspiration to all! You were the perfect fit to get the Conference off to a great start. I have received nothing but rave reviews! Thanks for making our Educational Workshop a success and for making me look good!!
    Dana Fuller, Texas Grocery and Convenience Association

  • Jim was a tremendous asset to our program. We have a difficult time retaining attendees on the second day of our event. Jim's energetic and informative presentation kept people in their seats and was an outstanding close to the event. The audience was full of aha's as the things Jim said clicked with their experiences. He presented funny, but thoughtful and informative ideas for working with others and making yourself the best you can be. We will definitely have Jim back to Iowa.
    Darcy Burnett, Iowa Bankers Association

  • Jim Mathis was very entertaining and kept everyone up and awake for the 4 hour time span. Very good comments were all that were heard from the attendees.
    Dave Pollard, Executive Director, New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association

  • Learning about the different Learning styles will make me a better instructor.
    David McLeod, Denton, TX

  • I thought it was very good information to help determine if we have the right people in the right place.
    David Park, WP Law, Inc., DiSC Management participant

  • You have a terrific way of presenting Time Management that is better than any I've seen before.
    Deb Gates, South Dakota Bankers Association

  • Speaking customer's 'language,' taking a risk now and then will put us light years ahead of our competition.
    Deb Jensen, Valley Bank, Davenport IA

  • I know you always like feedback...I have heard nothing but glowing positives!!!
    Deb Soutar, Genesis Healthcare Corporation, VP of Education

  • Jim's presentation is high energy, informative and thought-provoking.
    Deedra Jolly, US DOJ

  • Your overall score was 4.53 out of 5.00. The comments that were given about your presentation were 'Very thought Provoking', and 'The presentation gave inspiration and insight on how to be more productive and happy'. Thank you again for such a good meeting.
    Derek Rudkin, Arkansas Bankers Association

  • The Missouri Broadcasters Association selected Jim because of his unique combination of outstanding knowledge and expertise in sales and management coupled with his first rate ability to translate the DiSC system using anecdotal situations that helps the audience to readily see the benefits.
    Don Hicks, Missouri Broadcasters Association

  • I was very impressed with your talk and I have heard many speakers in my life time and you were very impressive.
    Duane Howard, Arkansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association

  • You fortified us with a wealth of information to help us understand and adjust our personalities, and deal with those of others. You have armed us with the ability to tactfully handle a personality in direct contrast to our own...and, as you may have noticed...WE HAD FUN!
    Elizabeth Leary, Connecticut Town Clerks Association

  • I have learned to care about my staff as much as I care about myself.
    George Kinney, Ohio Veterans Homes Agency

  • Amazingly funny!
    Gill Vides, Woodland Hills, CA

  • Jim does an excellent job in his presentations; a part of the educational road to success.
    Glenn Oster, ASK a PRO Internet Services

  • Very well done.
    Greg Goldberg, Home Builders Association of SC

  • Wow! I am very impressed, motivated and ready to take on the world! Attitude is really everything.
    Heather Wiegand, Mauldin, SC

  • About one month ago, I saw Jim's presentation in Milwaukee, WI, during which I had an epiphany and have not been the same since. I am truly inspired to make things happen.
    Helen Thomas, Milwaukee, WI

  • Jim's presentation provided me with an opportunity to look inside myself and it allowed me to understand what others see in me.
    Herbert Patton, Georgia Nursing Home Association

  • Jim was super!
    Ida Myers, Regional HR Manager, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of SC

  • Jim was very motivating and energetic with his sharing of information.
    Jack Weatherford, SCAMA, Florence, SC

  • Jim's program was informative and really brought issues to think about to help any organization.
    James Schwab, National Electrical Contractors, Wisconsin

  • This will help me get into the buyers head to deliver a better solution for them.
    Janice Cain, Reed Business, Markham, Ontario

  • Don't know that I have ever enjoyed a class as much as yours. It was delightful!
    Jean Cook, NewSouth Communications Customer Service participant

  • Jim Mathis is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. He is absolutely one of the best speakers I have ever booked. Our banking members are already looking forward to next year's session!
    Jenn Zorn, New Jersey League of Community Bankers

  • Every state banking association should hold this seminar (Customer Service), not only for their members but for their staff as well!
    Jenn Zorn, New Jersey League of Community Bankers

  • This was a wonderful presentation that is easily transferable to everyday life.
    Jennifer Harter, Palmetto GBA

  • I received many compliments about how well you spoke.
    Jennifer Suber, V.P., Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce

  • I would be delighted to give my professional opinion that you are one of the best sales trainers in the industry.
    Jim Mitchell, Ohio Independent Automobile Dealers Association, NIADA

  • Jim provides information in a manner that is applicable to a variety of common situations that arise in a business environment.
    Joan Grove, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Jim cuts to the core of problems, making sure you can laugh at yourself and know how to improve while having fun.
    Joan Steinberg, Pennsylvania MGMA

  • Great insight on how I can adapt my presentation to prospective clients and my agents.
    John Evangelista, Colonial Life, Foothill Ranch, CA

  • One of the best DiSC presentations I have seen.
    John Howard, Performance Resources, Inc., Midway. UT

  • I am going to make $500,000 this year. The DiSC Sales presentation helps you determine what type of customers you have.
    John Svargerko, W.P.Law, Inc.

  • Your average evaluation score on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being excellent) was 9.7 for subject matter and 9.9 for delivery/presentation.
    Jon Campos, North Carolina Bankers Association

  • Absolutely wonderful and entertaining program.
    Jon Thorstenson, Iowa Mortgage Bankers Association

  • Great seminar!
    Julie Barthlow, U.S. Department of Justice, Boise, ID

  • Jim successfully melds a great deal of ideas into one, all with the central theme of leadership.
    Julie Scott, S.C. Transportation Council

  • I learned things I wish I had known before I was promoted - This could have helped my employees and myself a lot!
    Kara Denault, Utah League of Credit Unions

  • Jim was entertaining and enthusiastic. It will benefit our servers to learn more about how to handle the customers we have.
    Karen Amarotico, Oregon Restaurant Association

  • Your session scored an overall 9.56 out of a possible 10.
    Karen Deas, SCCUMA

  • On behalf of the SC Health Care Association, I would like to thank you for the Project Professionalism program you presented during our 7th Annual Seminar. I will know better next time not to put you last on the agenda! The comments show that the program was well received.
    Karen Johnston, SCHCA Director of Association Activities

  • JIM is a riot, even when he is teaching!
    Karen Oliver, US DOJ, South Bend, IN

  • Jim's presentation captured the ENITRE audience, not just the sales staff.
    Kari Girsch, Valley Bank Davenport, IA

  • Jim's seminar should be required for all leaders in coaching and managing positions.
    Kari Harris, Vienna, WV

  • Jim's evaluation ratings by conference attendees were excellent.
    Katherine Bradley, The Kershaw Center, Kershaw, SC

  • Today's seminar was insightful and reaffirmed conscious hiring decisions.
    Katherine Davis, Palmetto Healthcare Foundation, Columbia SC

  • I so much enjoyed your motivational talk when you visited with us. Thank you for sharing your talent and positive message with us.
    Kathleene Little, Prepaid Legal Services, Columbia, SC

  • Jim's program has helped me to be more aware of different personality types and how to handle them. He gave great information and made it fun!
    Kathryn Goss, NHC Healthcare, North Augusta, SC

  • Opened my eyes to behavioral traits that will make me much more effective in my job!
    Kelly Price, Pee Dee Farm Credit

  • Actionable ideas. Informative and entertaining!
    Ken Fearnow, NRG Media, Nebraska Broadcasters Association

  • Jim paints indelible memories and knowledge in our minds using humor as his brush.
    Ken Smith, KBMTTV, Beaumont, Texas

  • Jim opens your eyes to all the different personalitites within every workplace.
    Kendall Milne, AerotekAllegis Group, Mississauga, Ontario

  • For myself being a High S and C, I learned to get along with a D and to COMPROMISE.
    Kim WootenDaley, US Department of Justice, Los Angeles, CA

  • On a scale from 1-5 the average for your session was a 4.91; THE HIGHEST OF ALL THE SPEAKERS THAT DAY!!!!!
    Kimberly Flayhart, Maryland Medical Group Management Association

  • I loved this class. I am a naturally positive person, but feel even more positive after learning these skills today.
    Kimberly Lane, Colonial Supplemental Insurance Company

  • Jim is a very clever guy! I feel like I have learned so much and can work as a better person.
    Kirsty Brook, Citizens South Bank, Gastonia, NC

  • Jim was money well spent!
    Lamar Murphy, President, Arkansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association

  • If you are looking for a great speaker who has instructed thousands in motivation, personal achievement and organizational development contact Jim Mathis.
    Laura Collins, Fairfield County Disabilities Board

  • This was more than self discovery, it was practical advice on how to set and reach a goal.
    Lee Seflers, Whispering Pines Facility, Indiana Health Care Association

  • This is the guy you all need to have come visit your office.
    Leon Rice, NuVox Communications

  • Jim puts common-sense selling at the forefront of the sales pitch.
    Lisa Lewis, Iowa Mortgage Bankers Association

  • Jim was very well received. Our delegates loved him and rated him as excellent on our evaluation forms. We had a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being poor and 5 being rated as excellent and all of our delegates responded at a 5 and even 5++.
    Mandy DeCastro, Idaho League of Cities

  • As soon as I talked to Jim on the phone, I knew he was the speaker for us.
    Marian St.Clair, President, GFWC of South Carolina

  • I found that I have been limiting myself!
    Mark Edwards, American Red Cross

  • I have heard many speakers with similar messages, but this is the first time that brought the 'Coaching for Success' concept to different personalities.
    Marv Hammersley, Albany, OR

  • I could have listened to Jim for hours. This gave me a very positive attitude and that happy feeling.
    Mary Baker, New Mexico Health Care Association

  • Pure, provacative fun!
    Mary Church, Wachovia Bank

  • Jim was very uplifting to all participants at the conference...his evaluations by all participants were very positive.
    Mary Leitner, SC Human Service Providers Conference Planner

  • Every single thing Jim said either made me think or laugh - I didn't want him to stop speaking.
    Meaghan Kauffman, Country Meadows Retirment Community, York, PA

  • You did a fantastic job for our association.
    Mendee Rock, Georgia Nursing Home Association

  • What a funny guy!
    Michele Hayes, Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, Florida

  • Entertaining and lively presentation on the need for leaders to be adaptable. Leaders need to flex their style in order to give staff what they need in order to be successful.
    Michelle Greenwood, Secretary of State's office, Salem, OR

  • Many thanks for your wonderful presentation at the International Institute of Municipal Clerks Region III Annual Meeting. The comments you received from the participant evaluations were of course outstanding. Project Professionalism garnered a 3.79 out of a possible 4 points...
    Michelle James, Municipal Association of South Carolina

  • Thanks again for the Management Training with my Leadership Team. Everyone was greatly impressed. I'm looking forward to having you back for the same training for all of our employees.
    Mike Johnston, President, Idaho Banking Company

  • Jim takes what we all know intuitively and gives tools to help leaders become better and those they manage become better.
    Mike Pfeiffer, West Virginia Health Care Association

  • Great presenter.
    Mike Ratcliff, SCANA Corporation, Dimensions of Leadership participant

  • What a refreshing approach.
    Nalani Copeland, Honolulu, HI

  • Jim can motivate the unmotivatable.
    Nicole Scoggins, American Red Cross

  • Thanks for your presentations. You received a rating of 4.83 out of 5.00
    Pat Garvin, Montana Credit Union Network

  • Very well done. Would be useful to all levels of employees.
    Pat Hamilton, Farmers National Bank, Idaho Bankers Association

  • Jim is fun to listen to and gets the point of his presentation to you in a memorable way.
    Patty DeVito, South Carolina Health Care Association

  • Jim's presentation was very well done; makes you think about more effectively working with your team.
    Paul Babinski, Charlotte, NC

  • I found your presentation interesting, humorous, and uplifting. If more people behaved as you indicate they should, our families, neighborhoods, communities, and our nation as a whole, would be happier, healthier, and more secure.
    Randy Lindborg, Lignite Energy Council, Bismarck, ND

  • Jim Mathis was spectacular. He is a star in the making. If he is an example of our new members, then we old timers better watch out.
    Ray Leone, President, NSA, Carolinas

  • Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I just attended the LTPA Summit Conference in Lake Charles, La. and needed the hope that came from this. I live in an area that took a direct hit from the second ugly sister (Hurricane Rita). Thank you again for being a part of our recovery!
    Rebecca Johnson, Louisiana Tourism Promotion Association

  • I have attended many professional programs and by far this was the most inspiring and in depth.
    Regina Alexander, Southport, NC, Project Professionalism participant

  • This has changed me and the way that I will operate with my organization.
    Rick Abbott, Colonial Supplemental Insurance Company

  • Jim gave us some great ways to improve our business attitudes!
    Rob Ray, Arkansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association

  • I'll have to be honest with you and tell you that I have taken a few points away from each of our sessions.
    Rocky Miller, Rock Hill, SC

  • I have been through several dozen trainings over the years. This presentation opened my eyes more than any other. I can put this to use walking out the door.
    Rodney Wojtanik, Metro Manager, Portland, OR

  • A laugh out loud presentation!
    RoseAnn McRedmond, Harrisburg, PA

  • It was an early morning presentation and I didn't want to be there. 15 minutes in I was laughing and really enjoying and learning. Very charismatic.
    Sally Altena, Missouri Broadcasters Association

  • High energy presentation. I enjoyed his presentation and use of examples we could all relate to.
    Sean Watt, Idaho Bankers Association

  • Jim's Program and his presentation helps you see the 'whole picture in color--not black and white.
    Shanet Kehoe, Coastal Vending

  • Thanks again for speaking at our annual convention. We had lots of good response from your session and appreciated your message.
    Sharon Lingenfelter, Oregon Restaurant Education Foundation

  • Jim's program was motivational, enjoyable and funny while being educational.
    Shirley Feeback, Fundamental Consulting, LLC

  • This training taught me how to deal with others.
    Stephanie Jennings, Palmetto GBA

  • Good job! It will make a difference in my life.
    Steve Richardson, WP Law, Inc., DiSC Teamwork participant

  • I had men and women from 17 states and they all made a point to thank me for getting such a great speaker.
    Tammy Smith, SC W.I.F.E. President

  • I learned SO MUCH from attending your seminar!!!
    Terri Lynn Warden, Forrest General Hospital

  • It gave me a better understanding of why I act the way I do.
    Terryl Yelverton, Ridgeland, MS, DiSC Teamwork participant

  • The time you took to be with us is greatly appreciated and your meaningful presentation was well received by all in attendance.
    Thad Woodard, North Carolina Bankers Association

  • Jim is one of the most enthusiastic speakers I have heard. He made learning fun and involved all the personalities in the room!
    Tim Markham, Georgia Food Industry Association

  • I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his explanations of basic personality traits. This could be used throughout our station.
    Tim Myers, WIFRTV, Rockdale, IL, Illinois Broadcasters Association

  • Very good with relating material to real events that occur within our particular business.
    Tina Dickinson, American Red Cross, Myrtle Beach, SC

  • According to my 'calculator' averages (sorry, I had to change the 20's to 10), for Subject Matter, your average was 9.5 and for Delivery and Presentation, your average was 9.9.
    Tina Hughes, North Carolina Bankers Association

  • From a meetings planner prospective, he was a JOY to work with...very low maintenance.
    Tina Hughes, North Carolina Bar Association

  • The participants gave your presentation 4.8 out of 5 at our recent HR Conference.
    Tish Anderson, SC Chamber of Commerce

  • You really did a great job, and I have already received numerous calls complimenting you on your presentation and me on getting such a great speaker. I appreciate you making me look good.
    Todd Lewis, Columbia, SC Sertoma Club

  • I didn't know I was such a good leader!
    Tony Regan, Home Builders Association of SC, Dimensions of Leadership participant

  • You garnered a 4.86 out of a possible 5 points. Excellent work! I was very pleased with your evaluations, our members are a tough sell and you delivered!
    Tracy Alter, New Mexico Health Care Association

  • This was the best, most applicable part of the week.
    Tray Vanderburg, Lubbock, Texas, Texas Bankers Association

  • Jim gave practical ways to reach my staff.
    Valerie Cebulla, Community care, Milwaukee, WI

  • Great for companies that constantly have change and develop teams daily to implement processes or procedures.
    Vicki Prosser, American Red Cross

  • Jim's program is not only insightful, it is fresh and original.
    Vicki Ufen, Knoxville, TN

  • Jim Mathis is the hottest ticket in Broadcaster Sales training!
    Whit Adamson, Tennessee Broadcasters Association

  • It helped me understand the different personalities of my co-workers which will enable me to communicate and interact more efficiently.
    Will Ellis, SC MembersFirst Credit Union, Columbia, SC