I found that I have been limiting myself!

Mark Edwards, American Red Cross

I have heard many speakers with similar messages, but this is the first time that brought the 'Coaching for Success' concept to different personalities.

Marv Hammersley, Albany, OR

I could have listened to Jim for hours. This gave me a very positive attitude and that happy feeling.

Mary Baker, New Mexico Health Care Association

Pure, provacative fun!

Mary Church, Wachovia Bank

Jim was very uplifting to all participants at the conference...his evaluations by all participants were very positive.

Mary Leitner, SC Human Service Providers Conference Planner

Every single thing Jim said either made me think or laugh - I didn't want him to stop speaking.

Meaghan Kauffman, Country Meadows Retirment Community, York, PA

You did a fantastic job for our association.

Mendee Rock, Georgia Nursing Home Association

What a funny guy!

Michele Hayes, Santa Rosa County Chamber of Commerce, Florida

Entertaining and lively presentation on the need for leaders to be adaptable. Leaders need to flex their style in order to give staff what they need in order to be successful.

Michelle Greenwood, Secretary of State's office, Salem, OR

Many thanks for your wonderful presentation at the International Institute of Municipal Clerks Region III Annual Meeting. The comments you received from the participant evaluations were of course outstanding. Project Professionalism garnered a 3.79 out of a possible 4 points...

Michelle James, Municipal Association of South Carolina