Your presentation to the Florida City Clerks Association scored a 4.89 out of a possible 5.

Angie Ayers, Florida Municipal Clerks Association

This presentation made me realize that no goal is unattainable.

Ashley Stewart, United Bank of West Virginia

Excellent presentation, to the point and useful!

Barbara Anthony, Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs

The SC Credit Union League appreciates your professionalism and the delivery of your topic...Your session scored an 8.89 out of a possible 10.

Barbara Lehew, SC Credit Union League

Banks and all businesses should hear this dynamic speaker that focuses on the successes that customer service can bring when genuinely practiced. No bank is exempt from this dynamic seminar and the importance of customer service

Barry Lupton, Marketing Director, Highland Bankshares, Wardensville WV

Recognizing the styles of my co-workers will help in managing the office.

Bernice Dixon, Connecticut Town Clerks Association

Attitude is everything.

Bill Brown, Colonial Supplemental Insurance Territorial Manager, San Diego, CA

I had both old-timers and rookies come to me during and after the Conference, and thank me for scheduling you to speak to the OAB. Jim, 'Thank you!' You made me look like a genius for hiring you, and every meeting planner needs that once in a while.

Bill Johnstone, Portland, OR

You delivered on our Alabama Loggers Council program.

Bill Jones, Alabama Loggers Council, Alabama Forestry Association

This class made me more conscious of the importance of knowing each person on my team and working to value their differences and strengths.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield DiSC Team Work participant