It helped me understand the different personalities of my co-workers which will enable me to communicate and interact more efficiently.

Will Ellis, SC MembersFirst Credit Union, Columbia, SC

Jim Mathis is the hottest ticket in Broadcaster Sales training!

Whit Adamson, Tennessee Broadcasters Association

Jim's program is not only insightful, it is fresh and original.

Vicki Ufen, Knoxville, TN

Great for companies that constantly have change and develop teams daily to implement processes or procedures.

Vicki Prosser, American Red Cross

Jim gave practical ways to reach my staff.

Valerie Cebulla, Community care, Milwaukee, WI

This was the best, most applicable part of the week.

Tray Vanderburg, Lubbock, Texas, Texas Bankers Association

You garnered a 4.86 out of a possible 5 points. Excellent work! I was very pleased with your evaluations, our members are a tough sell and you delivered!

Tracy Alter, New Mexico Health Care Association

I didn't know I was such a good leader!

Tony Regan, Home Builders Association of SC, Dimensions of Leadership participant

You really did a great job, and I have already received numerous calls complimenting you on your presentation and me on getting such a great speaker. I appreciate you making me look good.

Todd Lewis, Columbia, SC Sertoma Club

The participants gave your presentation 4.8 out of 5 at our recent HR Conference.

Tish Anderson, SC Chamber of Commerce

From a meetings planner prospective, he was a JOY to work with...very low maintenance.

Tina Hughes, North Carolina Bar Association

According to my 'calculator' averages (sorry, I had to change the 20's to 10), for Subject Matter, your average was 9.5 and for Delivery and Presentation, your average was 9.9.

Tina Hughes, North Carolina Bankers Association

Very good with relating material to real events that occur within our particular business.

Tina Dickinson, American Red Cross, Myrtle Beach, SC

I enjoyed his enthusiasm and his explanations of basic personality traits. This could be used throughout our station.

Tim Myers, WIFRTV, Rockdale, IL, Illinois Broadcasters Association

Jim is one of the most enthusiastic speakers I have heard. He made learning fun and involved all the personalities in the room!

Tim Markham, Georgia Food Industry Association