I have learned to care about my staff as much as I care about myself.

George Kinney, Ohio Veterans Homes Agency

You fortified us with a wealth of information to help us understand and adjust our personalities, and deal with those of others. You have armed us with the ability to tactfully handle a personality in direct contrast to our own...and, as you may have noticed...WE HAD FUN!

Elizabeth Leary, Connecticut Town Clerks Association

I was very impressed with your talk and I have heard many speakers in my life time and you were very impressive.

Duane Howard, Arkansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association

The Missouri Broadcasters Association selected Jim because of his unique combination of outstanding knowledge and expertise in sales and management coupled with his first rate ability to translate the DiSC system using anecdotal situations that helps the audience to readily see the benefits.

Don Hicks, Missouri Broadcasters Association

Your overall score was 4.53 out of 5.00. The comments that were given about your presentation were 'Very thought Provoking', and 'The presentation gave inspiration and insight on how to be more productive and happy'. Thank you again for such a good meeting.

Derek Rudkin, Arkansas Bankers Association

Jim's presentation is high energy, informative and thought-provoking.

Deedra Jolly, US DOJ

I know you always like feedback...I have heard nothing but glowing positives!!!

Deb Soutar, Genesis Healthcare Corporation, VP of Education

Speaking customer's 'language,' taking a risk now and then will put us light years ahead of our competition.

Deb Jensen, Valley Bank, Davenport IA

You have a terrific way of presenting Time Management that is better than any I've seen before.

Deb Gates, South Dakota Bankers Association

I thought it was very good information to help determine if we have the right people in the right place.

David Park, WP Law, Inc., DiSC Management participant

Learning about the different Learning styles will make me a better instructor.

David McLeod, Denton, TX

Jim Mathis was very entertaining and kept everyone up and awake for the 4 hour time span. Very good comments were all that were heard from the attendees.

Dave Pollard, Executive Director, New Hampshire Funeral Directors Association

Jim was a tremendous asset to our program. We have a difficult time retaining attendees on the second day of our event. Jim's energetic and informative presentation kept people in their seats and was an outstanding close to the event. The audience was full of aha's as the things Jim said clicked with their experiences. He presented funny, but thoughtful and informative ideas for working with others and making yourself the best you can be. We will definitely have Jim back to Iowa.

Darcy Burnett, Iowa Bankers Association

You were an incredible hit and an inspiration to all! You were the perfect fit to get the Conference off to a great start. I have received nothing but rave reviews! Thanks for making our Educational Workshop a success and for making me look good!!

Dana Fuller, Texas Grocery and Convenience Association

I want to thank you for the phenomenal job you did at the Marketing session during the NJCUL Conference. You truly motivated me and gave me great ideas for helping our credit union to market our services better. Your information was clear and concise. The attendee participation that you encouraged made for a good and educational time in this session.

Cynthia Weaver, Atlantic City, NJ