The best in-depth look into who we are.

Connie Caldwell, US Dep't. of Justice, Charleston, WV, DiSC Teamwork participant

The presentation renewed my vision for myself in the workplace - be true to my style and succeed.

Colleen Matthews, Trilogy Health Care Group, Indiana Health Care Association

As a result of this seminar, I know better how to work well with others.

Clift Shealey, Columbia, SC, Team Dimensions participant

Jim was very considerate when I first inquired about him being a speaker at our conference and quickly adapted his program to fit our unusual circumstances in the aftermath of Hurricances Katrina and Rita.

Cindy Tullier, Louisiana Travel Promotion Association

Made me realize, instead of fixing the employees, I need to fix myself.

Cindy Sisler, LifeLine Home Health, Lexington, KY

Jim's presentation was very motivational and informative. I will have a positive attitude decide what results I want and set goals and priorities accordingly.

Cindy Gillaspie, Lyon College, Arkansas Independent Colleges and Schools

I went into your session intending to learn something (and did), you had the best presentation of material of any I attended.

Chuck Woodard, WVOKFM, Alabama Broadcasters Association

I greatly value the information that you provided and I was going to keep it quiet (as my secret weapon in managing my people and resolving conflict).

Christopher Porter, FOH Manager, Outback Steakhouse Inc.

I need to get out of the cookie-cutter mold.

Cheryl Rhead, Bank Iowa

I have been using your techniques from the training that I received in your class a few weeks ago...

Cherita Gardin, NewSouth Communications

As a result of Jim's program, I will try to understand personalities better and work with them to make a more friendly work environment.

Cheri Schwartzmier, Pittsburgh, PA

I have known Jim Mathis for over 6 years...He is motivating, stimulating and thought provoking, yet down-to-earth and practical.

Cathy Novinger, Novinger QTR Consulting, Inc.

As the session cranked up into full gear yesterday it was fun to observe everyone in attendance openly engaging their own personal traits, sharing them and seeking to understand others as well.

Cary Smith, Director, United Way

Jim did two topics for us Living in Three Quarter Time and Reaching Beyond Excellence - and he did a great job on both!

Cary Dingman, Idaho Bankers Association

This class made me more conscious of the importance of knowing each person on my team and working to value their differences and strengths.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield DiSC Team Work participant