Jim was money well spent!

Lamar Murphy, President, Arkansas Independent Automobile Dealers Association

Jim is a very clever guy! I feel like I have learned so much and can work as a better person.

Kirsty Brook, Citizens South Bank, Gastonia, NC

I loved this class. I am a naturally positive person, but feel even more positive after learning these skills today.

Kimberly Lane, Colonial Supplemental Insurance Company

On a scale from 1-5 the average for your session was a 4.91; THE HIGHEST OF ALL THE SPEAKERS THAT DAY!!!!!

Kimberly Flayhart, Maryland Medical Group Management Association

For myself being a High S and C, I learned to get along with a D and to COMPROMISE.

Kim WootenDaley, US Department of Justice, Los Angeles, CA

Jim opens your eyes to all the different personalitites within every workplace.

Kendall Milne, AerotekAllegis Group, Mississauga, Ontario

Jim paints indelible memories and knowledge in our minds using humor as his brush.

Ken Smith, KBMTTV, Beaumont, Texas

Actionable ideas. Informative and entertaining!

Ken Fearnow, NRG Media, Nebraska Broadcasters Association

Opened my eyes to behavioral traits that will make me much more effective in my job!

Kelly Price, Pee Dee Farm Credit

Jim's program has helped me to be more aware of different personality types and how to handle them. He gave great information and made it fun!

Kathryn Goss, NHC Healthcare, North Augusta, SC

I so much enjoyed your motivational talk when you visited with us. Thank you for sharing your talent and positive message with us.

Kathleene Little, Prepaid Legal Services, Columbia, SC

Today's seminar was insightful and reaffirmed conscious hiring decisions.

Katherine Davis, Palmetto Healthcare Foundation, Columbia SC

Jim's evaluation ratings by conference attendees were excellent.

Katherine Bradley, The Kershaw Center, Kershaw, SC

Jim's seminar should be required for all leaders in coaching and managing positions.

Kari Harris, Vienna, WV

Jim's presentation captured the ENITRE audience, not just the sales staff.

Kari Girsch, Valley Bank Davenport, IA